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Clean Single Ingredient Fuel For Your Life. It’s that simple. Non GMO Project VERIFIED is the highest certification in the food industry, and we are proud that all MOJO coconut water always display this badge. The cleaner your food is, the better your body runs. We are also never from concentrate.

Every can of MOJO has zero added sugar, no preservatives and is low in sodium. It is vegan, plant based, gluten free, and NON GMO Project VERIFIED. Also MOJO now has a 100% USDA Organic coconut water.

Taste the Tropics in each sip of our coconut water and Take a Liquid V a c a t i o n® each time you crack open a can.

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MOJO Organics Inc (OTC: MOJO), headquartered in Jersey City NJ, develops, produces, markets and sells beverages that are, NON GMO Project VERIFIED.


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